25 Best and Beautiful Wood Walls for Your Home

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Thinking about creating a accent wall in your space? Instead of heading into the paint shop to find a vivid red paint to bring a’pop up’ into your room, why don’t you think a bit more outside the box? Wood walls produce thickness, texture, heat, and most definitely a accent to any space. Even better, you may produce your own wood walls using a few basic tools and planning. Before getting started, it is a fantastic idea to plan your wood accent wall.

25 Best and Beautiful Wood Walls for Your Home

Have a look at the space you’re wanting to upgrade and think of what kinds of wood walls match your style best. Do you desire a cabin-y texture, with rough textures and homely attributes like knots in the wood? Perhaps you’re looking for a glossy finish with an elegant dark cherry stain that will make your bedroom warmer and inviting.

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