30+ Best Living Room Design and Decor Ideas

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The living room is really a gathering place for family and friends to become one and bond. There are a lot of design ideas for such a crucial room. An elegant living room shows class and magnificence. Elegant décor will transform a living room into your regal oasis that‘ll be a challenge to leave. These elegant living room ideas are sophisticated, graceful and chic, perfect for anyone seeking to bring these elements straight into the essential living room space.

Lighting is vital in a room, but lighting isn’t only a necessity, it may create the mood of an area, adding great design and appeal. The lighting during this room does just that. The 2 chandeliers are large and dramatic. The candle holders will be the epitome of class and elegance, adding much drama to the space. The lighting décor doesn’t stop there. The designer chose to implement four large and likewise dramatic lamps. The lamps possess a dark brown lamp shade, with hanging decorative drop down pieces which hang from the middle of each and every lamp. The colour, together with additional décor element, is bold and dramatic. Overall these lighting choices create this elegant living room.

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