Apartment in Miami has signed pieces and ocean views

Modern decoration with furniture by Zaha Hadid and Irmãos Campanas
Designed by the architect Léo Shehtman’s office, this 580-square- meter Miami apartment surprises not only the expansive ocean views – which surrounds the entire social area and can be admired even from the bathroom – but also by the sophisticated furnishings – includes pieces signed by Zaha Hadid, Patricia Urquiola, Jean Marie Massaud and the Campana Brothers.

Address of a couple of businessmen, the idea was to create a modern residence – but still extremely comfortable. In order to do so, the architects used a very rich mix of materials, capable of contrasting cold and modern coatings with warm and cozy ones.

In the social area, in addition to glass, marble and lacquered wood, panels with textures that resemble metal in silver and gold tones complete the atmosphere and bring personality to the decoration, while determining some of the spaces in the large living room.

Already in the wash and in the rooms, other textures and wallpapers are responsible for warming up the environment, but without giving up modern boldness. The same happens in the kitchen, which despite being all wood-clad, a rather traditional material, gets modern air thanks to stainless items and curved details, as with stools, for example.

The selection of furniture is another highlight of the décor – and perhaps the most attention-grabbing in the whole apartment. Sofas, armchairs and chairs signed by renowned designers scatter the rooms turning it almost into an art gallery.

Trained eyes, however, should note that in addition to being iconic, the pieces have some features in common, such as modernity, breadth and curved shapes – the ideal combination to achieve the balance of comfort and modernity required by the residents.

Finally, the color scheme, which ranges from ultra-modern black and white to warm earthy tones, also brings balance to the apartment, creating environments that serve both as a cool home, perfect for receiving and impressing friends, as well as space quiet and cozy, of which you are invited to relax and contemplate the sea.