DIY Homemade Bird Feeders

Image Source Can you get winged visitors in your backyard? I do, in my balcony. Pretty birds with feathers of vibrant colors are always a sight to behold. It is possible to make friends with those unrestrained children of character. And the very best way to extend a hand of friendship, is by food. 12.

20+ Easy and Attractive DIY Projects Using Bamboo

Image Source For all those who like to decorate home using natural elements, wood isn’t sole alternative. Bamboo is another fantastic option, since it is famous for green, powerful, lightweight and incredibly sustainable attribute. Having an exotic appearance, bamboo is becoming more and more popular for home decoration. Bamboo sticks are also quite suitable to

15 Best DIY Reclaimed Wood Projects

Image Source Want to test your skills in certain simple woodworking projects? Whether you are a beginner or a professional, you will find something to work on out of this list of wood craft ideas. 15 Best DIY Reclaimed Wood Projects

20 Amazing Outdoor Spiral Staircase Modern and Contemporary

Image Source OUTDOOR SPIRAL STAICASE — The spiral stairs is the most favored choice among other kinds of staircase, on account of the simple fact they can handle many different looks. They are sometimes high and slender and finest in small places. Spiral staircase are well-known for their own luxuriousness and artistic styles, and they’ve

Best Simple Art Craft for Toddler

Image Source CRAFT FOR TODDLER — Toddlers enjoy arts and crafts. However, since they put things in their mouths it’s good to offer them crafts which will not make them ill. Over this, cereal crafts allow them play with textures, and operate on these fine motor abilities. All these 15 Cereal Crafts for Toddlers are