Easy Steps How to Replace Vinyl Fence Panel

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If you enjoy doing DIY projects and saving money on routine property maintenance, you should be aware of how vinyl fence panels should be changed and replaced. Use this step-by-step instruction to replace Vinyl Fence Panels ordered in bulk.

1 Find the damaged panel.

Examine the panel to determine the extent of the damage. The cheapest solution would be to replace a panel part. Check how the panel is linked to the fence post if the entire panel has to be replaced.

2 Selecting a Fitting

In vinyl fencing, there are two typical ways for installing fence panels.

The first is similar to how wooden panels are usually installed using brackets. This panel is considerably easier to replace because all you have to do is remove the attaching screws and replace the panel. Because new panels do not come with fasteners, don’t lose the screws when you remove them.

The second way of installing fence panels is to utilize clips that open when the panel is fully placed, preventing it from being pulled out.

The clamps open up against the panel’s insertion into the socket. Unfortunately, these clamps are not meant to be depressed in order to allow the panel to be released. Two pieces of flat metal to put into the holes the panel occupies are required to open these clamps.

By depressing the clips, the metal will glide up to the location of the clips, allowing you to pull the panel free. Once you’ve completed one joint, hold it open so it doesn’t lock shut again, then repeat with the second joint. Most panels, fortunately, are only held together by two joints on each side.

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3. Release the Other Side of the Panel

Release the opposite side of the panel and remove it from the fence using the same way.

4 Installing the New Panel

Replacing the damaged panel is as simple as removing the old one.

First, fix the panel to the brackets that have been installed in each fence post using screws or other fasteners.

Second, insert the panel into the posts’ sockets and press it in until the clips pop open.

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5 Check the New Panels

Make sure the new panels are securely fastened and hung appropriately.

Vinyl Panels are unquestionably a dependable fencing option. They’re really simple to operate, and they don’t cost a fortune to fix. However, if you’re going to use vinyl fencing, there are a few things you should do to extend the life of the panels.

For example, clean it on a regular basis, with the frequency increasing if your location is prone to weathering or rust. Ensure that larger goods do not clash with panels, as vinyl isn’t robust enough to support the weight. These easy procedures will keep your panels secure and make replacing them easier.