Lion’s View – A Cape Town House

The award-winning ARRCC interior design studio, which focuses on minimalist design, luxurious details and materials, has recently renovated Lion’s View, a contemporary Cape Town home originally designed by SAOTA.

Check out below pictures of Lion’s View, beautiful house located in Cape Town:

The biggest challenge for the studio was to rewrite the architectural language of the residence, designed over a decade ago. Customers wanted more accommodation and a new floor would need to be erected, which would significantly change the facade of the property. The final result pleased both the new owners and the ARRCC, who feared to mischaracterize the work designed by SAOTA.

The entrance to this contemporary home is positioned at the back of the property. The rounded walls of the vestibule flow, embracing the curvilinear design of the structure. At the same time, they offer magnificent views of the sea and an inviting futuristic breakfast room. Highlight the Knoll Platner chairs and mercury light accessories from Artemides Skydro Soffitti.

Opulence is present in all spaces of the residence. An elevator and a surrounding staircase of glass and steel stand out in the living room. A pendant with circular design complements the elegance of the environment.
On the second floor, a curved walkway leads to the master suite, which features a strategically placed bathtub to allow 180 ° views of the ocean. The third floor that has been added to the existing structure, accommodates an office, a fitness center and a spa. Unparalleled views take the breath of the locals and visitors.

The furniture used follows the style of contemporary design. White marble, granite, brushed stainless steel and bronze, make contrast with the white that is present throughout the house.

Source: tempodadelicadeza