Modern and Fashionable 2017 Living Room Decorating Ideas

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In order to efficiently design a modern living room, it is not enough to choose correctly a color palette, decoration materials and furniture – you have to give inside a special character, its own unique handwriting. After all, the salon is the business card of any home.

It is not only a common room for the collection of all members of the household, but also a room where guests are received, celebrations are held, celebrations. The living room is a space that can be watched carefully by a guest who has entered a house or apartment.

That’s why designers recommend paying particular attention to the design choice for the living room – its design will set the tone for the entire home. We hope that the modern design projects of the shows, which we propose in this publication, will help you to inspire yourself to compose your own unique interior of the family room of your dreams.

Combination of functional domains

The studio room is an actual design idea for many seasons. The combination of several functional segments in a room allows you to create a comfortable, spacious and bright environment even in a small area.

Absence of partitions, abundant natural lighting (usually two or three large windows) allows you to combine the kitchen and dining room of the living room, creating a multifunctional room but with a spacious room. Zoning occurs at the same time mainly through furniture, lighting and carpeting (the remainder of the segment is most often attributed), but the surface finish in all areas is used alone, Exception is the design of the surface of the kitchen apron.

In addition to incorporating the kitchen and living room into the living room, you can combine the rest area with a workplace (a small office at home) or a library. Such a combination is possible even in small spaces – to install a writing desk or computer of a modern model (more like a narrow console), you need very little useful space. Yes, and placement of the library does not require significant expense – it can be placed around windows or doors, slightly reducing the area of the room by the width of the open shelves.

The influence of Scandinavian style with modern design

Modern multi-faceted interior design, it has absorbed the motifs of many styles. Scandinavian style has a significant impact, giving modern style concept is based on – elegant design with the desire for personal comfort. Dedicated to white snow decoration, natural wood furniture, dark accents in the form of luminaries and textile prints, plush carpets or handmade “tracks”, allows you to create a modern interior n ‘ Is not easy, but with the room that is comfortably everything.

Oriental style motifs in the modern living room

Oriental stylists (mainly Japanese style), modern trends not only have the desire for minimalism, rigor and concision in the execution of decoration, but also the “terror” of furniture. Low models of storage systems with simple and even strict facades, soft furniture on the lower legs or without them, placing a rest area closer to the floor – cushions and small Ottomans, chair bags.

Style loft and its manifestation in the design projects of the salons

To utilize the modern loft loft patterns, it is not necessary to be in the past a production hall, warehouse or workshop. All you need is high ceilings and a large area. One of the most popular design techniques, borrowed for modern loft stylistics for several seasons in a row, is brick as accent wall decoration. In this case, the brick may be a “native” construction material or simulated using different finishing surfaces.

The loft Stylistics can be present in the modern living room in the form of concrete walls (as access) or their rooms, ceilings with ceilings, deliberately exposed communication systems – electrical wiring, ventilation and heating.

Additional and decorative elements from the inside as elements of accentuation

Often, these are decorative interior objects, small furniture and various accessories that become the focus of the salon design. In particular, this applies to design projects, executed in light or neutral colors. Shiny decorative pillows unwittingly open into a room with light walls and furniture with gray upholstery. A similar situation occurs with designer lighting, wall decor, original curtains or carpeting. Not to be obligatory for the interior of the objects of the living room, these additions and accessories, often become the focal points around which the whole concept of decoration of the room is built.

Lighting in the spotlights

The original chandelier is quite capable of becoming an accent element of the interior of the salon. A large or luminous, fanciful or famous model of a hanging lamp not only exercises its basic functions but also gives the tone of the character of the room, introduces originality into the design of the common room.

In a combined room, each functional area has its own sources of artificial light. In part, luminaires are zoning elements. Most often, when the layout is open, built-in lighting is used around the perimeter and in the kitchen work area, and in the dining area and lounge area, pendant lamps are used. In the living room there can be a lamp on the floor or a table lamp by the sofa or between the chairs.

Coffee table – a highlight of the interior

A coffee table made by his own hands is a real trend to create an original salon design. Tables from used construction pallets have long been popular with designers around the world and their customers. This simple piece of performance, functional and original furnishing piece requires almost no financial cost. Often the surface of tables created from pallets is not covered with paint or varnish, but rather – they are deliberately aged.

A large ottoman, a table with upholstery or an ottoman becomes the real focal point of the living room, its island. It serves as a coffee table (just use a tray) and a place for planting several people (at a reception or a party).

Living plants in modern living room

If the interior of your living room is designed in light colors (which is a very common variant of the modern style), it will require a shiny detail, an element of emphasis. And what could be better than the juicy vegetables indoor plants? And we’re talking not only about small decorative pots with compact plants on the windowsill, large prints in heavy vats or stylized boxes, woven baskets will not be easy to use, but it will be the culmination of the inside.

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