Single Home Gets More Space With Simple Solutions

Having achieved the dream of acquiring her first property, the owner of this apartment of 70 m2, a young doctor, saw more space than the apartment had in fact. But that was no obstacle for the architect Rafael Leão, Studio 3.7, who made various structural interventions and invested in the functionality of environments and sober colors. “This is a project with a simple, urban language, fruit of architectural interventions and few manifestations of color.”

Everything began with the social area, which became integrated, with open kitchen and balcony. Porches of the balcony were below, the floor was leveled with the use of technology – material that imitates the burnt cement and has no joints, guaranteeing amplitude to the space – and the glass was used to finish, besides colored tiles to brighten the environment.

Once this has been done, the kitchen has gained a functional furniture that makes the table, rack and buffet, silestone countertops and freijó cabinets. “The idea was to take the kitchen face off and use the same finishes in the room. This would create more harmony in this integrated area, “says Rafael.

In this same space, all the lighting was inlaid and the walls received the shades of light gray, all with the aim of providing the feeling of a larger environment. No exaggeration in the furniture, what came in was to give comfort: retractable sofa, a leather chaise and an armchair.

The charm was due to the piano that the resident already owned and loves to play. “It turned decoration element, but with its own personality”, points out the architect.

The room, on the other hand, was small and did not please the landlady. Although she is single, she wanted a double bed and did not dispense with the TV. The solution was to install the equipment inside the cabinet, with the function of “appears and hides”. The freijó was also used in the bedside, as well as in the shelf that unites the environments and serves as a support for pictures.

And since there was no room in the room, the office had the function of sheltering clothes and personal belongings by having a large closet installed. At the same time, the environment offers a corner for work or study. Here, the woodwork focused on the white, with small details of freijó. Simple, urban and functional.

Source: casavogue