Small balconies: practical decoration solutions

Small apartments have certain dynamics in the original plan that do not necessarily value all environments. The porch, for example, is very common in recent constructions, but the reduced size sometimes complicates the decor. Thinking about it, We separated six small balconies and terraces that gave way to environments like kitchen, living room extension or TV, and even resting space. Get Inspired!

Vertical garden

If you live at home and the problem is not the right foot, but the size of the balcony, do not worry. Take advantage of already having an outside area and invest in the more traditional model, with table and chairs for tea or reading a book outdoors like this house in Paris . The vertical garden brings nature close to the small moments of day to day and break, refresh the most erudite furniture.

Space for all

Despite being 120 m², this apartment did not allow so much versatility to the residents in the original plan. The exit was leveling the balcony floor and joining the space with the living room. The renovation completely changed the integration of the environments, and brought the sofa and the dining table to the “outside” area.


With only 39 m², this loft solved the problem of space also with the integration between balcony and living room. This time, however, the resident chose to leave the dining table outside with a small gourmet kitchen. From there, it is possible to maintain contact with the living room in an unpretentious and comfortable way.

Selva home

A small apartment in the middle of New York . Unusual is not it, the question is how the locals deal with the little space. The 6 m² balcony, with privileged view of the city, has gained landscaping Alejandro Aguilar and even a blog ! Over there, the owner only saw a function, cultivate flowers and fruits to take better advantage of nature in their day to day.

A break in the routine

In the renovation of this carioca coverage, the Carolina Escada and Patricia Landau architects of the Architecture Scale transformed the old terrace into living space with double chaise lounge and wooden bench. The visual lightness of the pieces matches the white and blue Jatobá pads used on the floor. A pair of iron trusses supports jasmins and frames the shower installed above the window.

Indoor Spa

This apartment had the decoration all ruled by the wood. The flooring is present in every room and could not fail to appear on the balcony. However, the architect Pedro Bazani translated the heat with the bamboos on the wall, accompanied by green plants. On the floor, the large cushions complement the quiet and relaxed atmosphere.