The Sweet House of Lauren Conrad

Light colors, freshness, simplicity and practical solutions stand out in the country house of the American influencer

Lauren Conrad is Martha Stewart of the Millennials. If you’ve never heard of it, you can be sure that it will. A true darling of Americans who love multitalents: she features a TV show, edits her website, writes books, draws fashion collections, and social media inspires more than 6.1 million followers with sweet-toned images depicting her day by day. But behind all the hype of routine, Lauren is a young mother of the family who finds peace far from the spotlight.

It’s when she climbs the hills of Pacific Palisades in Los Angeles, California that she finds the balance in this sunny beach house. With the help of designer Katherine Carter , the refuge has earned a clean, functional atmosphere in an easy-chic climate that prioritizes comfort.

Starting with the room, everything follows the natural. The palette is governed by “calm” colors, in the best cali-cool lifestyle, as they say there. The furniture has adapted to make the most of what it calls the bones of the house, that is, its structure. Thus, niches and openings give space to shelves and benches, which has changed very little architecture.

The kitchen has won benches and shelves that leave everything at hand, because she loves to bake breads and cakes – let her Instagram tell you full of gastronomic and diy adventures. Over there is a collection of old glassware and crockery that are exposed but are also used on a daily basis.

The predominant light tones are only interrupted in the dressing room, where the contrast with Ellie Cashman’s dark floral wallpaper gives the powerful upgrade to the look. A cool, gentle and lovely house at the height of Lauren.

Images Source: casavogue