Trinity Campervan Interior, by Modern Tiny Living

Trinity is a 20-foot tiny house on wheels that takes inspiration from the popular model The Point. This compact home is a perfect example of modern tiny living, boasting a stylish and unique design that is sure to turn heads. With its white and dark wood exterior, accented with forrest green, Trinity is a standout among tiny homes.

Trinity Campervan Interior, by Modern Tiny Living exterior design

Built upon a custom-made 20 ft. trailer foundation, Trinity features high-quality materials and finishes, from the LP Vertical Smart Siding on the exterior to the luxury vinyl tile flooring on the interior. The Farmhouse Matte Black hardware package adds a touch of sophistication to the space, while the floating shelves in the bathroom provide practical storage solutions.

Trinity Campervan Interior camper living space

The social area is non-elevated, with 4 drawers, a single bookcase, and the capability to convert into a bed. The king-sized loft above provides comfortable sleeping accommodations for two. The custom staircase with built-in storage adds to the home’s functionality.

The kitchen features custom cabinetry, including in-ceiling drop-down cabinets, a butcher block countertop, and a 31-inch black undermount sink. The stainless steel 2-burner cooktop and full-sized refrigerator offer all the necessary appliances for cooking and food storage.

Trinity Campervan Interior camper living, bathroom

The bathroom is equipped with a custom tiled shower with a glass door, a Nature’s Head composting toilet, and a mini-sink vanity. The custom sliding barn door adds a touch of charm to the space. Hookups for a washer and dryer are also included.

To ensure that Trinity is energy efficient, it is equipped with a ductless mini-split for heat and AC, a gas propane water heater (PrecisionTemp), and 50 amp service for electricity. The closed cell spray foam insulation in the walls and ceilings provides optimal temperature control, while the insulation in the floors adds an extra layer of protection.

Trinity Campervan Interior, living room

Living in a tiny home like Trinity is not just about downsizing, but it’s also about embracing a simpler, more sustainable lifestyle. With its thoughtful design, Trinity allows you to live comfortably while reducing your carbon footprint and minimizing your expenses. Whether you’re a retiree looking to downsize or a young couple seeking adventure on the road, Trinity offers a unique and practical solution.

The compact size of Trinity makes it easy to move and transport, allowing you to take your home with you wherever you go. With its spacious king-sized loft, full kitchen, and full bath, Trinity offers all the comforts of a traditional home, in a smaller and more efficient package.

At Modern Tiny Living, we understand that building a tiny home is a big investment. That’s why we use only the best materials and finishes to ensure that your home is built to last. From the custom cabinetry to the luxury vinyl tile flooring, every aspect of Trinity has been designed with durability and quality in mind.

Trinity is a tiny home that is both beautiful and practical, offering a unique and stylish solution for those looking to live a more sustainable and fulfilling life. If you’re ready to take the leap and embrace tiny living, Trinity is the perfect place to start. Contact us today to learn more about this beautiful and innovative tiny home.