Update Your Decor With Wicker Furniture

Update Your Decor With Wicker Furniture

There are so many different types and styles of wicker furniture to select from. The styles range from romantic and traditional to modern/contemporary and more straightforward. Wicker (also known as cane or rattan) is a terrific furniture alternative for any personal style since it is sturdy, eco-friendly, and lightweight.

Wicker also gives a space a lovely texture and charm. The light, natural look of wicker can lend a bit of brightness to any home or outdoor space with a variety of furniture and accessories. Choose from a variety of seating options, including chairs, couches, tables, storage baskets, chests, and more. Here are some things to think about while choosing a wicker style.

Are you thinking of using wicker space in your home? Many people do it because it gives any room a bright and airy atmosphere. It also allows for easy rearranging due to its lightweight construction. There is sure to be a wicker piece to fit your preferences, whether you want a modern, sleek aesthetic or a romantic, antique, feminine style. Many individuals opt for wicker for their interiors, and they enjoy it for years, if not decades.

Wicker Furniture livingroom

Quite light

One of the most appealing aspects of wicker furniture is that it is quite light. Most people can simply move even a large wicker chair. There’s no need to seek for assistance if you need to alter the chairs. Because wicker comes in such a wide range of natural tones, you can find something to match any decor. You may also easily relocate your wicker furniture from indoors to outside.

Natural wicker should not be kept out in the sun for extended periods of time or exposed to rain. A wicker seating set, on the other hand, may readily broaden your dining and relaxation alternatives if you have a covered patio space.



Hanging a wicker chair from the ceiling is a simple method to create an oasis with wicker. For added security, be sure you connect a heavy-duty hook securely into a joist. A hanging chair, on the other hand, is a pleasant element in any room, encouraging time spent with a book and a favorite beverage. A wicker swing with room for two may be enjoyed both indoors and out.

Optional Storage

A wicker trunk may be used as a coffee table as well as a storage container. For a tropical, yet functional look, fill a robust wicker basket with toys or extra blankets and combine with plants. Cleaning wicker is a breeze.

A wicker trunk is a fashionable method to keep items that don’t belong in your room. A robust wicker basket or box, for example, can be loaded with toys or additional blankets. This is a fashionable choice, and the trunk may be used as a coffee or end table. They also look wonderful as a plant shelf, albeit this may be troublesome if the stored objects will be used frequently.

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Remake Over Your Wicker

It’s simple to clean wicker furniture if it’s not looking its best. Remove any cushions from the item and vacuum it thoroughly both inside and out. If you discover dust in the nooks and crannies, blow it away with bottled or compressed air.

You may remake your wicker furniture with a couple of cans of spray paint in addition to enjoying it in its natural wood-toned form. You might be able to locate these pieces in second-hand stores or yard sales because they are long-lasting. For the best cling, it’s a good idea to buy a priming spray paint. If you find a color you like that a heavy-duty primer can’t quite match, go close with the primer and finish with your preferred top coat. Your desired hue should stick effectively once the wicker has been properly covered with primer.

Wicker furniture is lightweight, simple to clean, and repurpose. You’ll probably enjoy living with wicker, whether you’re aiming to create a more informal décor or simply prefer furniture that is easy to carry.

Wicker furniture is an excellent choice for interior design. It’ll last a long time and blend well with practically any design concept. Consider adding wicker to your room if you’re seeking for a fantastic, multipurpose alternative.

Little Maintenance

If you choose wicker furniture made of natural materials, it has a natural resistance to pests and decay. Although they are vulnerable to harsh weather, they can be lacquered to protect them from water and mildew. Natural wicker is simple to clean and maintain by covering it once a year.

You’ll obtain a lovely patio set if you buy wicker furniture made of resin or another man-made substance. It also won’t need to be cared for on a weekly or monthly basis. If it becomes filthy, simply wipe it down.

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Outdoor Possibilities

Although wicker furniture may be used indoors, it is better for outdoor seating. The sofas and chairs will have sturdy metal frames and durable materials, as well as comfortable cushions.

Seating, as well as side tables and coffee tables, will be available on much of the outdoor furniture. They’ll all be made of wicker, which is quite durable.

Wicker Outdoor Furniture’s Drawbacks

Loose Weave – When buying wicker furniture, make sure it’s well-made. If there are any loose pieces that were not carefully braided, they may unravel later. The weave will take some time to unwind, but it has the potential to damage the entire discussion set.

It’s also possible that a loose weave will make you feel uneasy. If the weave on the seats or the arm of a chair is loose, everyone who sits in the furniture will be poked or scratched. It’s also possible that it’ll scratch individuals as they walk past the chair.

Wicker furniture that is poorly built is frequently created by those who are charging a low price. They’re created and sold for a low price.

Level of Convenience – Wicker isn’t necessarily the most comfortable furniture. That is also true of the majority of wood furniture. For added relaxation, the outdoor furniture set you purchase should have comfortable cushions.

You won’t be able to locate genuinely comfortable natural wicker furniture without some foam cushions. Fortunately, most outdoor furniture comes with those extras. Some even have additional throw cushions and other adornments.

More Expensive – Some wicker furniture comes with a higher price tag. You’re paying for the craftsmanship if it’s handcrafted and made of natural materials. In this situation, we were on the verge of including it in the benefits section.

If you’re anything like us, you’re willing to pay a little more for well-made items. They’ll last a little longer. You’ll have to evaluate whether a handwoven furniture set is within your budget.

Conclusion – Many of the drawbacks we’ve discussed may be mitigated with sufficient investigation. You’ll have to spend a bit extra if you want well-crafted furniture. It’ll be comfortable and long-lasting. There will be no loose threads or broken parts. Outside, it will be fortified and able to endure the weather.

Wicker outdoor furniture is a favorite of ours. It’s breathtakingly lovely. If you want the look of wicker without the cost, a resin or other composite material might be used. It will provide you with the same attractiveness at a lower cost.